Manuel Fallmann-Kerrutt



Welcome to the portfolio website of Manuel Fallmann-Kerrutt. A person aware of the fact that writing about yourself in the third person makes you look more professional, by giving the impression of having paid someone else to do it for you.

Having roots in Flash and ActionScript development, my current focus is on game and web development using modern JavaScript tooling and HTML5.

Web development, 2d animation and graphic design are my main areas of expertise.

Take a look around or contact me at [email protected].

2015 – 2016

The last two years saw me mostly designing, building and maintaining a pixi.js based HTML5 game framework for one of my clients.

I also relaunched my personal website and finished my first independent project since forever: 8bit Love Story.

2014 Retrospective

Last year was mostly software development for Lion Sportbets – creating flash-based desktop applications, writing internal tools and working closely with their backend developers. The other big part was creating more animations for Electronic Cloud – two TV commercials and one animated short for a company presentation. And then there was, of course, the usual advertising banners and legacy support for some older flash-based content.

2013 Retrospective

ALRIGHT. What was I up to during the last year? Illustrations / Character design for G3 Treffpunkt Baumhaus via LWmedia, the usual ad banners, eLearning content for Akamedia, JavaScript based Sprite-animations for office4me, a bit of web dev for Braintribe, a lot of web and software development for agil15 (as3 engines, crypto, protocols, spass spass spass). PS: Go Bitcoin!

Website, Games & Animation

Apart from the usual advertising and illustrations for various agencies, the following projects have gone live in the past few months: The websites (floor-graphics specialists) and (design furniture). A Simfy-Player module for Sony with agency 4e7 as the contractor (technical implementation). The browser-games Snakeman and p0ng, commissioned by the payment service paysafecard – a tribute to renowned video games of the last few decades. And at last but not least, an animated short for the Russian cloud computing provider Electronic Cloud. Stay tuned for further updates!