Manuel Fallmann-Kerrutt



We work closely with our clients to stay true to their visions, right from the very first scribbles. “We”, not as to sound more professional, but rather as in “sometimes it’s wise to get one or two trusted teammates aboard”.

web development

Our websites are designed and developed for desktop, tablet and mobile — knowing that design should not only look good but also feel right.

Depending on the scope and requirements of each project, we use a mix of open source, commercial and custom-built solutions. This way we can focus on the individual needs without having to reinvent the wheel.

We take care of website maintenance whenever needed, and can help you maintain the website yourself — with an easy to use content management system.

game development

We develop games because we enjoy playing them. We know what difference each detail can make and that games need to be well thought out and tested to ensure a fun experience.

Our game development services include everything from design, development and deployment to asset creation and licensing.

In addition to the games themselves, we also offer solutions for high score tables, marketing and integration with 3rd party APIs.


We offer anything from animated banners to full-fledged animated cartoons and music videos.

Dynamically scripted or hand drawn, HTML5 banner or television YouTube — whatever the medium, you get years of experience and enthusiasm in animation.

As with every project, we start by working with you on the basic concepts of storyline, characters and style. From there we animate the first few samples and refine look, motion and timing until it just. Feels. Right.

graphic design

Graphic design, interface design and illustration are services that we offer as part of almost all our projects. Should our graphic design services be all you need, we will gladly provide user interface designs, advertising material and editorial content.